Inspired by the Roman deity Floris and the beauty of a flower - Floreta was born a store that promises to be unique , exquisite , playful , entertaining - anything but Boring. We have bestowed this responsibility to ourselves to be the coolest kids on the block from discovery to how we sell we have taken it personally to build a store which is not generalist in approach but is so unique and aspirational that we do justice to our own Tribe.

We carefully select unique products ranging from a mammoth from Siberia to dancing mummies from the pyramids. Well , not really but you catch my drift , our boisterous team is always on the prowl for the amazing things and make sure they are available for you to buy or simply appreciate as we are not the company behind The Great Sales of the Century nor we tend to ruin your phone or personal space with the world’s best deals which i am sure we could all live without.

Bored by the dull lifeless world of online shopping driven by Algorithms and recommendations we set ourselves on a task of making you smile every time you give us your valuable attention and we have pledged to  stay away from cheap knockoffs and expose our friends to brands and artisans making world class products.